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Welcome to Epic Encounters

We are a diverse community of individuals and families who have embarked upon the exciting journey of becoming who God has created us to be and accomplishing all that God has purposed for us to do. EPIC ENCOUNTERS is a contemporary church family committed to creating an environment where all people can experience God, Faith, and Community in the most authentic and inspiring ways. We hope you get the opportunity to experience for yourself what hundreds are being touched and transformed by on a weekly basis.


We exist to facilitate life-altering “Encounters” between God and both believers and non-believers by promoting our unique outlook on life: “More Compassion…Fewer Complaints.” This perspective on life will allow us to accomplish Christ’s instruction to disciple all (suggestion) mankind.


We are committed to building and strengthening relationships within our families, our communities, the world, and the Kingdom of God by serving the spiritual and natural needs of everyone we ENCOUNTER with love and compassion!